Phoenix Precision is a high quality manufacturing and machining facility serving commercial, industrial and oilfield needs.

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As of 2017, Phoenix Precision products are manufactured and managed by Parker Instrumentation Products Division

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Company Information

Products are designed to meet and exceed the day-to-day expectations of end-users. Implementation of industry feedback from engineers and instrumentation technicians into the design and the specifications of its instrumentation valves and manifolds.


Phoenix Precision Engineering Engineered to all industrial standards and codes in designing and testing, and utilize current CAD systems to design its products, ensuring the technical integrity of the product and the addressing of all pertinent specifications. These disciplines and engineering procedures result in superior quality and innovation.

CNC Machining

Phoenix Precision Machining Leading-edge CNC machining technology allows manufacturing teams to accurately convert detailed engineering specifications into close-tolerance, quality products.

Quality Assurance

Phoenix Precision Quality ISO 9001:2008 certified and employs rigid quality control, offers full material traceability on all pressure containing components as standard, and adheres to all applicable ASME, API, and MSS-SP design and testing specifications. The critical test for instrumentation valves and manifolds is successful performance in industrial applications. Phoenix products are utilized with confidence throughout the oil, gas and petrochemical processing industry and are backed by committed customer service.

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