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As of 2017, Phoenix Precision products are manufactured and managed by Parker Instrumentation Products Division

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Needle Valves

Needle valves are among the most efficient and affordable needle valves on the market today. Using barstock construction and a robust stem, our design assures a bubble tight seal in a variety of conditions. The globe-pattern flow provides maximum shut-off , with a variety of special tips, materials and configurations to best meet customer requirements.

6000 PSI Series

N6G Series N6M Series N6H Series N6S Series
N6G Series Needle Valves - Mini Needle Valve Gas - Standard & Angle, Rupture Disc N6M Series Needle Valves - Mini Needle Valve - Standard & angle, O-Ring & Packed N6H Series Valves - Hard Seat Needle Valves - Standard & Angle, O-Ring & Packed N6S Series Needle Valves - Standard Soft Seat - O-Ring & Packed
Mini Needle Valve Gas Soft Seat
Mini Valve
O-Ring & Packed

3/16" Bore Valve
O-Ring & Packed

Standard Soft Seat
O-Ring & Packed

10000 PSI Series

N10H Series NA10H Series
N10H Series Needle Valves - Standard O-Ring & Packed NA10H Series Needle Valves - Standard Angle Valve
Standard Needle Valve
O-Ring & Packed

Standard Angle Valve
O-Ring & Packed

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